Fix icc_power_on.
[chopstx/ttxs.git] / src /
2019-07-10 NIIBE YutakaFix icc_power_on. master
2019-07-09 NIIBE YutakaFix error code in RDR_to_PC_*.
2019-05-22 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: --enable-serial or --enable-usb.
2019-05-22 NIIBE YutakaUSB modification to match serial one.
2019-05-21 NIIBE YutakaCCID serial now Works with OpenPGP card.
2019-05-20 NIIBE YutakaUpdate Chopstx with USART driver fix, try experiment...
2019-05-17 NIIBE YutakaInitial implementation of CCID on serial.
2019-05-17 NIIBE YutakaDon't export send_reply.
2019-05-17 NIIBE YutakaMore fixes to share ccid.c among USB and Serial.
2019-05-17 NIIBE Yutakaccid: Make it not USB specific.
2019-05-17 NIIBE YutakaFactor out CCID things to ccid.c from usb.c.
2019-05-17 NIIBE YutakaRename ccid.[ch] to usb.[ch].
2019-05-16 NIIBE YutakaAdd support for Escaped commands.
2019-05-13 NIIBE YutakaClaim IRQ before usb_lld_init.
2019-05-09 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: Add option handling.
2019-05-09 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: Add option handling.
2019-05-08 NIIBE YutakaAdd configure script.
2019-05-08 NIIBE YutakaMostly merge stm32l4 branch.
2019-05-08 NIIBE YutakaDon't use SYS.
2019-04-25 NIIBE YutakaDon't have USART control detail, but let the USART...
2019-04-25 NIIBE YutakaUse brr_table[0] in icc_power_off.
2019-04-25 NIIBE YutakaUse near bps, and publish correct bps information.
2019-04-25 NIIBE YutakaFix use of SYS_BOARD_ID.
2019-04-24 NIIBE YutakaFix Smartcard control (Vcc and Vpp), ccid.c to include.
2019-04-24 NIIBE YutakaPrepare for ST Nucleo-32 L432.
2019-04-19 NIIBE YutakaPut FSIJ's copyright notice and its VID:PID.
2019-04-09 NIIBE Yutakafrequency and data-rate support improvement.
2019-04-09 NIIBE YutakaFix icc_setup_params using modified usart_block_sendrecv.
2019-04-08 NIIBE YutakaPut the initial values of BWT and CWT.
2019-04-08 NIIBE YutakaNow bps change works fine.
2019-04-08 NIIBE YutakaUse block-mode send-recv API.
2019-04-06 NIIBE YutakaPrepare baud rate change.
2019-04-05 NIIBE YutakaSupport bard rate change.
2019-04-05 NIIBE YutakaReturn an error PC_to_RDR_SetParameters.
2019-04-04 NIIBE YutakaTweak dwMaxCCIDmessageLength
2019-04-04 NIIBE YutakaTweak dwFeatures value.
2019-04-04 NIIBE YutakaSupport BWI/CWI parameters.
2019-04-04 NIIBE YutakaRemove unused consts.
2019-04-02 NIIBE YutakaFix receiving > 64 byte data.
2019-04-02 NIIBE YutakaDon't "no card" emit notification at start.
2019-04-01 NIIBE YutakaUse 1-stop-bit (instead of 1.5 stop bit).
2019-04-01 NIIBE YutakaFix RST handling.
2019-03-30 NIIBE YutakaDelete CDC example code.
2019-03-29 NIIBE YutakaImplement PC_to_RDR_XfrBlock.
2019-03-29 NIIBE YutakaFix RDR_to_PC_DataBlock length.
2019-03-29 NIIBE YutakaFix USB receive.
2019-03-29 NIIBE YutakaImplement initial PC_to_RDR_SetParameters.
2019-03-29 NIIBE YutakaError checking of PC_to_RDR_IccPowerOn command.
2019-03-29 NIIBE YutakaMove usb-ccid.c to ccid.c.
2019-03-28 NIIBE YutakaImplement PC_to_RDR_XfrBlock.
2019-03-28 NIIBE YutakaShape main routine work for CCID.
2019-03-28 NIIBE YutakaAdd icc-ctrl.c.
2019-03-27 NIIBE YutakaSwitch driver is by thread for timeout.
2019-03-26 NIIBE YutakaAdd card-insertion switch support.
2019-03-25 NIIBE YutakaUSB thread top level loop implemented.
2019-03-25 NIIBE YutakaInitial USB CCID code (does nothing yet).
2019-03-01 NIIBE YutakaATR successfuly works!
2019-03-01 NIIBE YutakaConfirmed that signals are OK. No receive success...
2019-02-28 NIIBE YutakaExperiment with new setup of ST Nucleo board.
2019-02-26 NIIBE Yutakaexperiment with smartcard mode.
2019-02-25 NIIBE YutakaAdd submodule of chopstx and copy example-usb-serial...