Fix USB initialization.
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2017-10-17 NIIBE YutakaUpdate ChangeLog, README, AUTHORS, and THANKS.
2017-08-03 NIIBE YutakaMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-03 NIIBE YutakaFix factory-reset for admin-less mode.
2017-08-02 Jeremy DrakeErase CERTDO on terminate.
2017-07-18 Anthony Romanoremove unused calculations from mod_reduce.
2017-02-01 NIIBE YutakaUpdate README
2017-02-01 NIIBE Yutakatool: Improve tool/*.py.
2016-07-11 NIIBE YutakaCleanup openpgp_thread.
2016-02-08 NIIBE Yutakasubmodule check in configure
2015-09-18 NIIBE YutakaVersion 1.1.9 release/1.1.9
2015-09-17 NIIBE YutakaVersion 1.1.8 release/1.1.8
2015-09-16 NIIBE YutakaUpdate THANKS
2015-07-28 NIIBE now works with newer PyUSB
2015-06-03 NIIBE Yutakaversion 1.1.5 release/1.1.5
2015-03-12 NIIBE YutakaUpdate README and THANKS
2014-02-25 NIIBE Yutakafix configure for certdo
2013-02-22 NIIBE Yutakaadd Quan to THANKS
2013-02-20 NIIBE Yutakaadd Paul to THANKS (should be done at the beginning)
2013-02-17 NIIBE YutakaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ecc_p256
2013-02-14 NIIBE Yutakafixes for removing update keys
2010-12-10 NIIBE Yutakaworks better on windows
2010-12-09 NIIBE YutakaLED blink
2010-12-03 NIIBE YutakaKeystore management changes
2010-11-02 NIIBE Yutakadoc changes
2010-10-16 NIIBE YutakaAdded configure and DFU support.
2010-09-16 NIIBE YutakaFixed handling of USB CCID/ICCD error
2010-09-13 NIIBE Yutakaversion 0.2
2010-09-09 NIIBE Yutakafixes and enhancements