configure option --vidpid to specify USB device ID
[gnuk/gnuk.git] / src / configure
2012-05-11 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure option --vidpid to specify USB device ID
2012-05-11 NIIBE Yutakaconfigure: mention FST_01
2012-01-20 NIIBE Yutakaadd alignment for, add ChangeLog entries.
2011-12-21 NIIBE YutakaData Object 0x7f21 is now optional
2011-12-13 NIIBE Yutakamore
2011-02-10 NIIBE YutakaVersion 0.10
2011-02-08 NIIBE Yutakaserial number support is not at compile time
2011-01-26 NIIBE YutakaSTBEE support
2011-01-07 NIIBE Yutakaserial number by chip unique ID
2011-01-06 NIIBE Yutakapinpad support (4)
2010-12-15 NIIBE Yutakaadded PINPAD option to configure
2010-12-14 NIIBE YutakaBug fix for configure
2010-12-07 NIIBE YutakaUSB CCID/ICC implementation changes
2010-11-30 NIIBE YutakaFlash ROM fixes for STM32F10X_HD
2010-11-26 NIIBE YutakaNew board: STM8S_DISCOVERY
2010-10-22 NIIBE YutakaSTBee Mini support.
2010-10-20 NIIBE YutakaAdded FSIJ serial number support.
2010-10-20 NIIBE YutakaAdded "CQ STARM" target.
2010-10-20 NIIBE Yutakaclean up.
2010-10-16 NIIBE YutakaAdded configure and DFU support.