priority change to allow usb comm
[gnuk/neug.git] / src / main.c
2013-06-04 NIIBE Yutakapriority change to allow usb comm
2013-06-04 NIIBE Yutakaupdate new chopstx and use adc_buf for speed
2013-05-29 NIIBE YutakaUpdate for chopstx_join/_exit/_cancel
2013-05-29 NIIBE Yutakaupdate for chopstx
2013-05-24 NIIBE YutakaUse chopstx
2013-03-15 NIIBE YutakaVersion 0.06 release/0.06
2013-03-15 NIIBE YutakaSupport relocatable reGNUal
2013-03-15 NIIBE Yutakafollow new USB stack
2013-02-07 NIIBE YutakaVersion 0.05 release/0.05
2012-10-30 NIIBE YutakaVersion 0.04 release/0.04
2012-10-23 NIIBE Yutakaloop from NeuG side
2012-10-17 NIIBE Yutakatweak main loop
2012-10-16 NIIBE Yutakatry to fill Tx buffer of USB
2012-10-12 NIIBE Yutakamax counts
2012-10-09 NIIBE YutakaVersion 0.03 release/0.03
2012-10-05 NIIBE Yutakafix stty issue
2012-10-04 NIIBE YutakaNo syslockisr
2012-10-03 NIIBE Yutakashow mode and errors
2012-10-03 NIIBE YutakaGnuk->NeuG
2012-10-03 NIIBE Yutakafix for wakeup
2012-10-02 NIIBE YutakaUser our own ADC driver
2012-10-01 NIIBE Yutakaadd error count request
2012-09-28 NIIBE Yutakaparity odd/even to select LSB or Sample
2012-09-27 NIIBE Yutakachange feedback
2012-09-27 NIIBE Yutakachange NUM_NOISE_INPUTS, no SYSTICK, batch mode
2012-09-20 NIIBE Yutakause paritytype to select channel
2012-09-20 NIIBE Yutakatweak NUM_NOISE_INPUTS, etc.
2012-09-20 NIIBE Yutakachannel selection
2012-09-19 NIIBE Yutakasupport reGNUal
2012-09-10 NIIBE YutakaSupport --vidpid option for configure
2012-08-16 NIIBE YutakaCRC32 version
2012-08-13 NIIBE YutakaNew main.c w/ my own USB stack.
2011-11-14 NIIBE Yutakaversion 0.01 release/0.01
2011-10-04 NIIBE YutakaNew ChibiOS 2.3.3
2011-08-29 NIIBE YutakaPRNG with seed, use interrupt timing bit for shaking...
2011-07-22 NIIBE YutakaFix LED oneshot
2011-07-21 NIIBE Yutakablinker change
2011-07-12 NIIBE Yutakacleanup etc.
2011-07-12 NIIBE Yutakamake an independent rng thread, rather than main
2011-07-11 NIIBE Yutakaworks now
2011-07-08 NIIBE Yutakalet it compile
2011-07-08 NIIBE Yutakainitial commit for source